What We Do

What do the Youth Workers spend their time doing? Where are they working, where are they helping, where are they making a difference?

What We Do

Renda // Young People Can from Inspiring Stories Trust

Youth Workers at Green Bay High aim to achieve 5 main outcomes:

  1. Support students and staff, complementing and enhancing the role of teachers.
  2. Build positive relationships between students, students and staff, and other significant adults.
  3. Cultivate school spirit by creating a safe and friendly environment at school.
  4. Develop leaders – encouraging and strengthening individual students in leadership roles
  5. Integrate students with suitable out of school activities.

Having Youth Workers supporting our school has meant that:

  • Students have a valuable relationship with great role models who are there for the long haul. The Youth Workers intend to stay in the school for 3-5 years so that young people can develop a trust relationship with them.
  • Numerous students have had the opportunity to grow through a group personal development programme learning about their strengths, communication skills, and body image.
  • Students have 1 on 1 and group support as they navigate their teenage years.
  • Lunch time and after school activities have been run to cultivate school spirit.
  • Students are encouraged to engage with their local community through out of school activities. Over 60 students have been on camps with the Youth Workers, and many have been linked into local youth groups.
  • Students have been supported by youth workers as they step out into leadership roles, such as organising mufti days, running lunchtime groups or after school activities, or being a part of the Peer Sexuality Support Programme